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Pain and Performance Improvement for the Athletic and Fitness Community

Massage Therapist/Owner


I appreciate you looking into my business to treat you! My name is Cole, I am a licensed massage therapist, and I started doing massage with the intent of improving ones ability to perform without pain. As an athlete I understand how frustrating it is to be doing  the activities you enjoy with pain or discomfort. Whether you lack flexibility or you suffer with pain, my goal is to help get your body moving more functionally and comfortably with massage and, if needed, demonstrating proper body mechanics and strength/stabilization exercises in order for you to perform at your best.

What makes Athletic Bodywork different?

I understand that pain and discomfort may not always be the result of, simply put, "tight muscles". Massage is extremely beneficial and known to relieve symptoms of pain an help you relax. That being said, pain and tightness in the body also comes from weakness or instability of specific muscles. We will start out with an initial massage in order for me to find imbalances or weak areas. After the massage we will talk about what I recommend moving forward. This could be continuing massage or going through some exercise breakdown in order to see improvements in strength, stability, and/or flexibility.

How Often Should I Get Massage?

Chronic injury Improvement

For a chronic injury its going to depend on the injury and person, so I would like to do an assessment prior to recommending frequency. Generally It's a good idea to get weekly massage for 3 weeks in a row in order to break up scar tissue and get a good idea of how effective massage is for your injury. Along with the massage I would like to assess strength and range of motion to look for any imbalances. This could mean pairing massage and rehab exercises for more effective results.

Leading up to event

Leading up to an event (8-10 weeks out) whether its a bodybuilding show, powerlifting meet, or sporting event, I recommend biweekly 90min massage. Once you get to the point where you are 2-3 weeks out, Coming in weekly for 60min sessions making sure to get your last one 2 days out (not the day before). At this point 90min might start to be too taxing on your body and more difficult to recover from if you are pushing hard or in an extreme deficit.


To maintain good health, relaxation, and flexibility, I would recommend scheduling appointments every 2-4 weeks, depending on how you feel during that time. If you have a history of tightness or if you are exerting yourself intensively at the gym and in your daily activities, you might benefit more from biweekly massages.

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